Pink Car is a Taxi & Ride-Sharing Alternative for Specialized Passengers such as Women, Children, Seniors and People with Disabilities

Ready to ride #PinkCarYYC?

How it Works + Rates

Trip minimum: $20.00
Rate: $0.53/Minute + $1.80/Km
Cancellation rate: $20.00 (of an already confirmed and booked ride)

With our easy-to-use, specially designed app, potential guests of Pink Car will first apply to become a guest through this website, and if approved, book in advance so that drivers know exactly who they are picking up, and likewise, guests will be aware ahead of time who their driver will be.

Just use our easy, three-step process

STEP 1. Apply on-line Membership Application.

STEP 2. Wait for your application to be reviewed.

STEP 3. Next, download our easy-to--use app and bingo! You're ready to make your first booking.

Payment will simply be made by Visa or MasterCard directly through the app so that no cash will change hands at the completion of the trip. A receipt will then be emailed to the guest.

All bookings will be done through our Pink Car Service phone app.

Pink Car’s vehicles are clean and well-maintained with many equipped to transport wheelchairs or other special equipment that is required to ensure that guests feel safe, secure and comfortable.

Wheelchair Vehicles

If a wheelchair is required, please let us know prior to booking in the notes section of the app.