FAQ About Our Services

What is Pink Car Service?

Pink Car Service is a transportation network company. It is designed specially for the vulnerable sector to feel comfortable and safe when they are traveling. For example: children, women, elderly people, cognitive and physical challenges, etc.

Where can I get the application form to be approved for booking?

You can submit your application on the Pink Car Service Ltd. website.

How do I book a ride with Pink Car Service?

You can only book a ride through the Pink Car Service app (iOS or Android).

Is there a charge for booking?

There is no charge for booking.

How much is the minimum fare that I will be charged?

Minimum fare is a flat rate of $20.

Will I also be charged for waiting time?

Yes, the trip is calculated based on time and kilometres driven.

How do I pay for my trip?

After the trip is completed, your credit card on file will be charged.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes, we will immediately email you an invoice upon trip completion.

What if I have left something behind?

You may email us at info@pinkcarservice.ca. Your driver checks the vehicle at the end of each trip.

Can I cancel a booking I have made?

Yes, but please note there may be a cancellation charge. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Pink Car Service.

Where is Pink Car Service currently available?

Calgary, Cochrane and Airdrie.

About Charges

Are there any additional booking charges?


Is there any guarantee for booking a ride if I pay a reservation charge?

There is no reservation charge; it is first come, first serve.


How can I drive for Pink Car Service?

You may email us at info@pinkcarservice.ca for more information.

Can I use my own vehicle?

Yes, you may use your personal vehicle.